Philip D. Ragno, M.D., F.A.C.C. 













President / Co-founder  -  Island Cardiac Specialists

Director of Cardiovascular Health and Wellness

Winthrop University Hospital


Philip Ragno, MD is a highly accomplished physician and one of the leading  clinical cardiologists on the east coast. Voted one of the top  Cardiologists on Long Island for three years running, Dr. Ragno has played an integral part in the improvement of cardiovascular services and patient education throughout Long Island and the Tri-State area. 



Dr. Ragno is a Diplomate of the American Board  of Internal Medicine with board certification in Cardiovascular Disease.  His postgraduate training  included residency training in Internal Medicine and a fellowship  in Clinical Cardiology at Winthrop University Hospital.


While Dr. Ragno is a noted clinician, he has become a champion in the arena of patient education and cardiovascular wellness.  While the treatment of cardiovascular disease is his profession... the prevention of disease, through education, is his passion. 



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